The Centre Drug Research, Herbal Medicine Development and Regulatory Science (ACEDRHMDRS) was established from the collaboration of research teams from faculties of Pharmacy, Basic Medical Sciences, Science, Clinical Sciences and Institute of African and Diaspora studies in the University of Lagos. The motivation for the establishment of the Centre arose from the need to develop home-grown solutions to various health problems in Africa; the desire to address these health problems in sustainable and affordable ways; the need to explore the latent potentials in the existing flora of Africa for drug development and more importantly the need to close the existing skill gaps by building capacity in regulatory science, herbal development among others.

The Centre is poised to achieve its vision by engaging in applied research and capacity building through postgraduate education in herbal/natural drug discovery, development and repurposing for prevalent diseases.

Aside from the faculties in the University of Lagos, the Centre is also partnering other academic and industrial partners within and outside Africa.

The Centre was awarded the African Centre of Excellence by World Bank on ….., 2018, a 5-year funded grant to assist the Centre to achieve its vision across the region.

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